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To Inject or Not To Inject?: My Love Story With Lip Injections

I never knew I wanted lip injections until I was “coerced” into getting them done. Thank GOD for Katy, she really is the best at lip filler in DFW. Over the years I had seen friends, school mates and just random women around Dallas with lip injections. I thought to myself how obvious and terrible they looked. (Sorry for being judgmental ladies) Hind sight is 20/20, right?

I was one of those kids who had to be held down for shots until I was well into my preteen years. Fast forward 15 years and I now get injections done on my own free will, in fact I PAY for the pain. Lip filler is an enhancement that has a lot of stigma around it (Thank you “Real” House Wives) but if you find someone who is talented and gentle it can be an amazing experience!

I was very unsure and VERY nervous the first time Katy did my lips, letting a stranger inject you in a very sensitive area with the chance of a laundry list of side effects isn’t my idea of a “day at the spa.” Of course, all the side effects listed are just pre-cautionary the only real side affects you experience are swelling, tenderness and possible bruising. Luckily, working with Katy was as simple and painless as could be, she kept me calm and informed the entire time. My swelling was minimal after a good amount of icing and the tenderness was gone after about 48 hours. To my surprise I LOVED the way my lips looked afterward. I never really saw a problem with my lips before they were small, but I didn’t mind I had no idea what I was missing they looked absolutely beautiful after.

Katy decided to start me with one syringe of Restalyne Refyne which is a super flexible filler that gave me a little more fullness in my top lip. This lip filler is supposed to last about a year to eighteen months. Alas, I was hooked, about 9 months later we did a little experiment mixing two different types of Restalyne to give me even more fullness than my first round. Again, Katy is a lip genius and according to her they are her favorite thing to inject. My second experience surpassed my first and I again fell in love with my lips.

The best part about this is I didn’t tell a lot of people, so when people saw me they were like “You look great!”, “Your skin looks amazing!”, “What are you doing different?”. Only the people who see me on a regular or daily basis could tell, but most of the time peoples’ reactions were more surprised because my results were so natural. I actually have a before and after picture saved in my phone just to prove to the nay sayers that lips can be done with subtlety. That in and of itself says a lot about Katy’s talent, to make you feel beautiful with out being over done is very hard to find, especially in the cosmopolitan city of Dallas.

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