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How I Started My Weight Loss With Phentermine

Weight loss is a journey not a destination. You’ve probably heard that a million times but really it is TRUE. The desire to lose weight is something that nearly everyone can relate to, whether you want to lose 5 pounds or 50 it can be a daunting task. There are a million and one programs on the market and choosing one that is right for you can be confusing and discouraging.

Where do I start? What do I eat? When do I eat? When do I work out? It’s A LOT to think about, and of course taking into account your lifestyle is something that is vital to your success.

Today I’ll share with you my personal weight loss journey with phentermine, that resulted in a loss of 45 pounds.

When I started going to Premier Med Spa for weight loss I was disgusted with myself, totally discouraged and lost. Premier Med Spa has been my absolute saving grace on my journey. After sitting down with the medical staff and going over my goals, my eating habits, exercise habits (or lack of) and my lifestyle they suggested I try Phentermine.

Phentermine is a prescription appetite suppressant that helps curb your appetite while also boosting your metabolism. Premier Med Spa also offers other weight loss programs but they were sure to tailor the program to fit my needs and goals.

Starting Phentermine is something that I had thought about for years, unfortunately a lot of info on the internet kept me from doing so. To be on phentermine you are SUPPOSED to be medically supervised as it can affect blood pressure, mood, etc. This is where Premier Med Spa really stood out for me, I was able to set up a weekly appointment with the medical staff to come in and have them weigh me and monitor my blood pressure. This really helped keep me accountable throughout the process because I had them behind me encouraging me, I didn’t want to let them (or myself) down.

The staff provided me with recipes, tips/tricks, workouts and supported me through my “I give up phase.” Another great perk of choosing Premier Med Spa for my weight loss program was the B12 Lipo shots, I got them at my weekly visits and they helped elevate my mood, energy level and they have fat burners in them!

After being on Phentermine for 3 months, I went on a maintenance plan that included all-natural M’lis products. Taking a break from Phentermine gave my body a break so it wouldn’t become used to it and lose its effects. I fell in LOVE with the Weight Loss Kit from M’lis while on maintenance, it gave me a similar effect as the Phentermine without the spike in my blood pressure.

All said and done after 7 months on the weight loss program, 3 months on Phentermine, 1-month maintenance and another 3 months on Phentermine; I lost a total of 45 pounds and went down 4 pant sizes!

Today, I am more confident and much happier with myself, not only my physical appearance but being able to go through this journey and not give up. Losing weight doesn’t have to be miserable and with the great coaches at Premier Med Spa your goals are attainable!

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