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The Art Of Aging Gracefully With Confidence

All most everyone has heard of Botox but there is a newer option that is being overlooked, Dysport! Dysport and Botox offer the same results, but they are made by different manufactures, kind of like Pepsi and Coke. At Premier Med Spa we have found faster way to combat expression lines between the brows.

Of course, every person is different, and our bodies metabolize chemicals differently, therefore you may be partial to one product over the other. We believe that knowledge is power and it’s always best to go into any procedure with options.

As we age our skin is put to the test combating an array of outside factors that cause fine lines, wrinkles, and premature aging. If you’re like me your expressions also have a HUGE effect on your “frown lines.” If you’re very expressive with your brows you may find a deep line forming between them. These lines can be easily treated with Dysport to soften their appearance or depending on your age and the severity make them vanish completely.

The purpose and effect of Dysport is simply to relax the muscles it is injected into so that they are temporarily unable to flex, flexing causes creasing in the skin that overtime leads to wrinkles and lines. The relaxation of these muscles gives you a smoother more youthful appearance, but it is nothing like the images that claim to show results from Dysport, which actually, depict plastic surgery results.

Dysport is a wonderful option for people who are worried about not being expressive after the treatment. Dysport will soften these lines between your brows with out affecting other muscles in that area. Leaving you with a natural, softer look after only 2 weeks, Dysport will usually starts “kicking in” sooner but rule of thumb is to wait to two weeks before deciding if you need to add more product to the area.

My experience with Dysport has been fantastic and I love my results. In my early 20’s, I never thought that I would be a woman who got services like Dysport done. I was in denial that I needed Dysport until I saw the amazing results and the simplicity of the treatment. Quickly nearing 30, I decided to try it for my horrible frown lines. I am very expressive and wear my emotions on my face, hence the deep line between my brows, from furrowing them. The before and after images are astounding and the effects were pretty much immediate.

The best part of my experience was not feeling pressured or judged by the staff at Premier Med Spa. Getting something like this done for the first time is jarring enough without the stigma around it. You see ridiculous images (memes) on the internet claiming that Dysport (or Botox) VERY drastically changes your appearance, which is not the case.

Moral of the story is, find a professional that you’re comfortable with and has experience and a following.

Do your research, in most cases you get what you pay for and many places that offer deep discounts may not have authentic products or educated staff! Premier Med Spa was an easy choice because of their amazing and experienced staff and fair pricing.

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