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HydraFacial: The Innovative Treatment That Is Giving Real Results

The beauty industry is booming and with advancing technology, the “new gold rush” in medical grade skincare is yielding the ultimate prize, the fountain of youth. As technology and our knowledge of our bodies advances companies are keeping on the cutting edge with the newest innovations to enhance our health and appearance. Skin Care is no exception to this, many companies like HydraFacial and Revision Skincare are constantly working to create the next must have product or service.

HydraFacial is the new go to facial for what seems to be an entire generation that is now running the beauty industry. For good reason! HydraFacial gives you the best parts of microderm, a facial and chemical peel in one easy service. The best part is HydraFacial is great for ANYONE, any skin type and address many common skin issues that people battle every day.

I’ve worked in the industry for many years and had countless facial services, but I was not prepared for what would become my newest obsession. HydraFacial is Amazing! I have never experienced a facial that left me feeling like my skin was completely renewed and glowing! The great thing about HydraFacial is that it addresses many common issues that everyone deals with; aging skin, pigmentation issues, wrinkles, dry skin and acne. There isn’t an individual that can’t benefit from the deep cleansing process of a HydraFacial.

HydraFacial treatment is done with a machine and has a multi-step process. There are multiple enhancements that you can add to the HydraFacial to target specific skin issues. The first step of the HydraFacial is the cleansing and gentle exfoliation using glycolic and salicylic acids. The second step includes extractions and more exfoliation, while this may sound abrasive the light vacuum suction the HydraFacial uses to clean out your pores feels refreshing. During the extractions the machine also infuses your skin with nourishing moisturizers to help heal dry skin. The final step infuses the skin with strong antioxidants and peptides to maximize your glow!

HydraFacial treatment can include enhancements that utilize different serums, each specifically designed to target issues in your skin. You can also enhance your HydraFacial with lymphatic drainage or LED lights. All these treatments are used in conjunction with the 3 steps of the signature HydraFacial. The HydraFacial Enhancements can help target specific issues such as, breakouts, wrinkles, dry skin or discoloration. The addition of these enhancements can speed up the progress of your skin care goals. Like almost everything else in life HydraFacial is something you should do on a regular basis (we suggest monthly) to keep up your desired results. Who doesn’t want an excuse to #treatyourself every month while ensuring your skin is healthy and glowing?

HydraFacial is the great deep cleansing that everyone can benefit from! Skin care is something that many people overlook as a luxury, but your skin is your biggest organ! Taking care of it is important, not to mention, taking an hour for self care every month is beneficial to your stress levels and overall mental health. Taking care of your skin has never been easier, HydraFacial covers all the bases for all skin types. If you’re looking for the latest and greatest skin treatments that give you REAL results, look no further, HydraFacial has arrived!

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