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My 2020 Skincare Story

How My Skin Went From Icky To Irresistible With Revision Skin Care

Let's be honest. Not all of us are lucky enough to have grown up with someone emphasizing the importance of good skin care. Most people deal with skin concerns as they come up. You get a pimple, you get a face wash that is meant to treat acne. You start noticing fine lines and wrinkles, you start to double down on hydrating serums and looking up places near you that offer Botox. What we now know is that the best skin care is not only preventative but thoughtfully made. Not only should your skincare help fix problems you are experiencing, but protect your skin from those issues in the future. That's where we come to my personal struggle with my complexion this year.

My Story

Before this year, I considered myself lucky to experience very few breakouts, with occasional spurts of dry or oily skin. In the wake of the Pandemic, like countless others, I find myself wearing masks on a regular basis, if not for prolonged periods of time. Let me tell you, it was not pretty!

I tried everything. Always using a fresh, clean mask, avoiding make-up below the eyelids, moisturizing, but there was no denying it, I had “mask-ne”. The tip of my nose red and chapped, my chin sprouting new whiteheads almost every day, clogged pores across my cheeks, and unsightly skin irritation along the edge of my jaw from talking while wearing a mask.

Enter Revision.

Just to be clear,I have always been a fan of Revision skin care. Pre-pandemic, I was already aware of their stellar reputation for being a medical grade line with thoughtful, concentrated formulas that are proven to work wonders. My go to favorite was Intellishade TruPhysical- a smart, tinted anti-aging sunscreen that moisturizes, protects, and conceals imperfections, all while brightening your skin. I use it instead of foundation. I also dabbled in Revisions' DEJ Face Cream, which is amazing because it gives intense hydration without feeling heavy, and promotes a healthy microbiome! All this being said, I still was doubtful that Revision, or any line of skincare products for that matter, could correct the problems with mask-ne I was wrestling with. At least that's what I was saying to my aesthetician friend, before she handed me Revisions’ Purifying Cleansing Gel.

“This might dry you out a little bit at first, but it's going to help with the over production of oil in your skin, and keep you very clean under your mask”. She then handed me a second product. “This is Vitamin C Lotion 30%. It's going to brighten up and help smooth out your skin, and it’s packed with a very powerful form of vitamin C”.

So I gave both of my new Revision products a try. And true, after the first two uses of the face wash, I was feeling a bit dried out. But by the end of the first week with Purifying Cleansing Gel, I had stopped getting new whiteheads completely, and my skin was looking a great deal less irritated in general. Using the Vitamin C 30% Lotion after washing, It kept me from getting too dried out while working its magic. The oily dull, irritated, hot mess that my face was, is now emerging back into a healthy, smooth, glowing state. And even though I am still wearing masks on a daily basis, the struggles with "mask-ne" is now behind me.

I look forward to trying all of Revisions exciting products, but for now, I'm happy to have my "mask-ne" under control. Next stop, treating my under eye circles!

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